Traditional Indian + Modern Dress Atlanta Engagement Session

The pup even had outfit changes ! Jigna + Mo are tying the knot in Mexico, and wanted to capture an Engagement Session here in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park prior to heading to Puerto Vallarta. We braved the always 50% chance of rain and lucked out with some gorgeous, glowing light in the park.
Here’s to more pops of color to brighten Summer <3

Atlanta Cator Woolford Gardens & Jackson Street Bridge Engagement

Blossoms beginning, wisteria. Warmer sunsets. Longer days. Let the seasons of love begin.
Taylor & Jon recently booked me for their Manor Golf & Country Club wedding this autumn. I always like to gift couples an engagement session, so we can get to know each other and make some beautiful images together. These two asked for some of my favorite locations, and I was stoked to share Cator Woolford Gardens and the Jackson Street Bridge skyline with them. We chatted foodie nerdy things, the early stages of dating evolving into love, and all things Spring in Atlanta.
So looking forward to being more a part of their story and union <3

Jeni's Ice Cream Westside Engagement

Cool off from the Summer heat with someone you love ! Can't wait to capture Perry + Michael's Wedding this winter ! Thanks to Jeni's Ice Cream for providing the sweetness :)


Atlanta Photo Studio Engagement Session

I worked in fashion photography in NYC for 5 years. It was kinda grueling hours and competition, I'm not going to lie. There were often 16 hour days on your feet, slaved into an Eizo monitor, trouble-shooting and keeping cool. I'm obviously glad I did it for many reasons like the incredible photographers I got to assist, light and digital tech for. Today, I'm glad I have the skills to create a multitude of moods in the studio.

Judith and Ariel are my typical clients = totally in love, a little goofy at times, show up uncertain in front of the camera, and leave saying "that was so easy/fun/awesome".

More of all this, please

Sope Creek Maternity Session // Unexpected Astrology

Saturday was unusually cold. Our plans for a flowing maternity dress went out the window, but Seiko assured me that she had a "natural heater" in her tummy. We walked around trails and ruins, and talked about Japanese culture. My grandparents are Japanese, and sadly, I don't speak the language. Seiko + Yutaka told me about seasons to visit Japan and what job interview process is like (did you know that companies factor in your astrological sign?).

I told them my lineage names- Ishino, Kobayashi. They mentioned there's lots of "stone" in those names. Seems fitting, in my family we have a joke "Ishino stubbornness."

We talked about their baby's name, Ren, meaning lotus flower, and also easy for Americans to pronounce.

The end of the session left me ready to travel to Japan, to learn more about my heritage, and missing my grandparents a little bit. In a good way.