Atlanta Cator Woolford Gardens & Jackson Street Bridge Engagement

Blossoms beginning, wisteria. Warmer sunsets. Longer days. Let the seasons of love begin.
Taylor & Jon recently booked me for their Manor Golf & Country Club wedding this autumn. I always like to gift couples an engagement session, so we can get to know each other and make some beautiful images together. These two asked for some of my favorite locations, and I was stoked to share Cator Woolford Gardens and the Jackson Street Bridge skyline with them. We chatted foodie nerdy things, the early stages of dating evolving into love, and all things Spring in Atlanta.
So looking forward to being more a part of their story and union <3

Holiday Family Sessions

With everyone gathered for the holidays, it’s always nice to book a studio session and create family heirlooms and gifts, together. I’ve loved working with my repeat clients over the years, and whilst I promote mainly weddings, I do still take on a limited amount of family portraiture throughout the year <3

If your photographer asks: "can I steal y'all for 5 minutes?" Say yes.

Take a beat and be together in the soft light <3

Do I need a Bridal Session ?

of course. more relaxed. hair and makeup trial. nothing else to rush off to. need I say more ?

Atlanta Studio Family Lifestyle Session

A lot of life is anything but a perfect sunset and a snuggled kiddo. There's silly faces, sweet in-between moments, and a whole lot of embrace the crazy ;)
I think I like this family session the most because it's mine ! But also because studio sessions allow you to control a setting/light, and create so many different moods in such a little time/space.
Curious ? Reach out- LOVE@GIANNEKIKO.COM