Atlanta Studio Family Lifestyle Session

A lot of life is anything but a perfect sunset and a snuggled kiddo. There's silly faces, sweet in-between moments, and a whole lot of embrace the crazy ;)
I think I like this family session the most because it's mine ! But also because studio sessions allow you to control a setting/light, and create so many different moods in such a little time/space.
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Roswell Ruins Bridge Engagement Session

Just a hop, skip and jump North of Atlanta, Roswell is a cute town with an amazing downtown area, creative spirit, and access to the Chattahoochee River. Young people are starting to buy homes, and hip up the area, and *fun fact* my mom lives in Roswell, too ! (all the bonuses for shooting up there).

Yasmeen + Nick suggested relocating our Engagement Session from ATL to Roswell. Let's face it, NOBODY likes sitting in traffic. Only catch ? Professional photographers must go to the city hall and obtain a permit to shoot. Thankfully, the process was easy, and I was super glad I had already handled all the business licensing, LLC, and business insurance this year. (who knew being an artist would require so much BOSSLADYing.)

These two were flawless and I am PUMPED to photograph their wedding in Downtown Atlanta in 2019 !

2018's books for weddings are now closed. *Select Elopements may be accommodated*
2019 is booking up fast, and I promise to update my travel schedule, soon. Travel fees are waived on all sessions in countries/states where I'll already be :)



What exactly is a Lifestyle Newborn Session ???

I'm so glad you asked ! Not to dog on posed/styled newborn photography, it is definitely hard, requires infant safety training (and a healthy dose of patience) and has its place in our industry. 

However, it's just not really my thing. I think creating babies is TRULY FREAKING MAGICAL and I'm always honored to be a part of these first few days in a family's life together. 

Lifestyle newborn sessions incorporate Mom + Dad's joy (and sometimes exhaustion), the long days prepping the cute nursery prior to baby's arrival, Grandmas that are usually always on-site, and the adorableness of tiny fingers, toes, and silly smiles. Also, Lifestyle Newborn sessions have more flexible scheduling, as poses must be done between 4-10 days. Lifestyle can happen whenever everyone's ready, home from the hospital, and feeling good :)

Esther + George welcomed Jordan to the world, and I have been dying to meet him ever since I captured their Maternity Session a few months back. He's already super stylish and I can't wait to see how he grows !

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Atlanta Skyline Engagement Session on Jackson Bridge

Love is Work & Courage.
It's wedding season, friends. This means lots of travel, lots of editing time, and lots of triple checking gear, locations, start times, and the weather ! This is how to make professionalism look like luck ;) 

Keep being awesome, everybody.

Piedmont Park Maternity Queen

I have no words. This woman is flawless. Recent Midtown Atlanta Maternity Photo Session in Piedmont Park right by the Beltline.

Atlanta Beltline + Piedmont Park Engagement Photo Session

Spring in ATL ! A time for bike-riding, popsicle savoring, and, well, Engagement Sessions. Elizabeth + Xavier flew down from NYC for their session, and we talked about life in Brooklyn, BBQ catering in Atlanta, the life of being personal trainers and all things life + wellness.

I can't wait to capture their upcoming wedding at Ambient+ this Summer !

Casual Urban Maternity Session with Dog

Quite possibly my most favoritest maternity session ever. I would have been so nervous knowing that these two are also photographers. REALLY glad they told me at the end. Cannot wait to meet their little newborn at our session !

Sebastopol + Sonoma County Couple's Session

California is always a good idea. I lived up and down the coast (Sebastopol, Santa Barbara, East Bay, Ventura, and with family in San Diego) to be exact. 
Finding any excuse to travel back, snag a surf, stock up on health food and hippie dance parties... it doesn't take much for me to book a flight. 

Last week I got to re-live some van life (Econoline 250 named Rosa, what a dream). I caught up with old friends, wandered the winding roads and met with different couples about their fall weddings. I love traveling back to the West Coast to capture Engagement Sessions, Weddings, and branding sessions.
More, please !

Atlanta Beltline + Piedmont Park Engagement Session

Oakland Cemetery Engagement Session

Gathering with Sara + Ian had to be one of my favorite afternoons, to date. Thankfully I'm capturing their wedding this fall, otherwise I'd be SUPER jealous about missing out on all their details (like some pretty rad Veggie &/or Vegan local catering). They were hilarious, totally in love and down to chat about conspiracy theories without looking at me like I had 3 heads.

More days like this, please !

Atlanta Newborn Session

It is so special to be with these tiny babes right after birth ! Sweet Ren arrived a week early, and we were able to capture him a few days after coming home. Amazingly, he slept the entire time. As a newborn photographer, let me tell you, that is so rare. Hope it's any indication of good sleep for mama + papa to come !

Atlanta Beltline and Ponce City Market Engagement

I absolutely love wandering around and playing with the architecture of our city. Finding little nooks to photograph cute couples is a challenge to stay fresh and a reminder to always look at things with a new perspective. Kara and her fiance flew into Atlanta from Washington DC for their Engagement session, and we finally got to meet in person before their big June wedding ! It was a great warm up to the day and I can't wait to be part of their union.
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Atlanta Botanical Gardens Engagement

It is always a joy to be part of people's lives for the long run. A friend of the family, I've known Ronald since we both lived in NYC. He was Chef de Cuisine at 3 Michelin starred restaurant, Le Bernardin. I was working in fashion photography. Fast forward a few years and I was so honored to be asked to shoot his Engagement photographs with his love, Jackie. We met at my studio in downtown Atlanta to warm up, dance around and share some stories. Heading to the Atlanta Botanical Garden after, we talked about their ever evolving plans for their wedding, the restaurant scene in Atlanta (where Ronald's family owns and operates multiple spaces such as Sweet Auburn BBQ and Lazy Betty Pop-ups), and everything in between. I always love being a part of my client's + friend's big moments in life and can't wait to see these two tie the knot !

Atlanta Photo Studio Engagement Session

I worked in fashion photography in NYC for 5 years. It was kinda grueling hours and competition, I'm not going to lie. There were often 16 hour days on your feet, slaved into an Eizo monitor, trouble-shooting and keeping cool. I'm obviously glad I did it for many reasons like the incredible photographers I got to assist, light and digital tech for. Today, I'm glad I have the skills to create a multitude of moods in the studio.

Judith and Ariel are my typical clients = totally in love, a little goofy at times, show up uncertain in front of the camera, and leave saying "that was so easy/fun/awesome".

More of all this, please

Venice Canals, California Engagement Session

I adore traveling back to California to capture couple's Engagement Sessions. Knowing that I'll be hiking, surfing, eating hella tacos + burritos and just aimlessly wandering the 1 all in the name of "location scouting" for photoshoots makes my heart skip a little beat. 

Olivia + Scott were SO easy to work with, and their sweet pup even joined us for a bit of the photoshoot. I can't wait to capture these two's wedding this autumn !

If you're searching for the perfect destination Wedding or Elopement photographer, drop me a line and let's chat. Posting 2018 travel schedule soon! WWW.GIANNAKEIKO.COM

Sope Creek Maternity Session // Unexpected Astrology

Saturday was unusually cold. Our plans for a flowing maternity dress went out the window, but Seiko assured me that she had a "natural heater" in her tummy. We walked around trails and ruins, and talked about Japanese culture. My grandparents are Japanese, and sadly, I don't speak the language. Seiko + Yutaka told me about seasons to visit Japan and what job interview process is like (did you know that companies factor in your astrological sign?).

I told them my lineage names- Ishino, Kobayashi. They mentioned there's lots of "stone" in those names. Seems fitting, in my family we have a joke "Ishino stubbornness."

We talked about their baby's name, Ren, meaning lotus flower, and also easy for Americans to pronounce.

The end of the session left me ready to travel to Japan, to learn more about my heritage, and missing my grandparents a little bit. In a good way.

Arabia Mountain icy cold, yet smokin hot Engagement Session

Adventure feeds the soul. If I could exist on passport stamps, local mystery dishes and accents, I tooootally would. I was stoked when Austin, Texas couple Janan + Shane asked me to photograph their intimate Todos Santos wedding this Summer.

Luckily for me, and a bit of serendipitous timing, they were in Atlanta for a long weekend and we were able to head out to Arabia Mountain and brave the freezing cold in the spirit of love. 

They said it reminded them of a spot not too far from Austin, and totally would never have guessed this was only 20 minutes from Atlanta. We hiked, talked about pro soccer teams and tacos, and realized we're both new homeowners. 

I always see Engagement sessions as a way to have a little fun, and go through a bit of a test run. There should be some bad jokes and silly suggestions and lots of belly laughs.

XOXO to finding your adventure partner for life, 
Gianna Keiko

If you were gonna make a queer joke, would you make it to me?

If you were gonna make a queer joke, would you make it to me?

Will is not what I would call a hippie. He has about as much patience for Millennials as I do for mosquitos and the man eats a steak every single night. He's a self-proclaimed grass farmer. He didn't change the cows' diets so his customers would taste the emotion of love in the meat (or whatever else clever Marketing is out there). Will chose to "take care of the land and the herd, and they take care of us."

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