Sope Creek Maternity Session // Unexpected Astrology

Saturday was unusually cold. Our plans for a flowing maternity dress went out the window, but Seiko assured me that she had a "natural heater" in her tummy. We walked around trails and ruins, and talked about Japanese culture. My grandparents are Japanese, and sadly, I don't speak the language. Seiko + Yutaka told me about seasons to visit Japan and what job interview process is like (did you know that companies factor in your astrological sign?).

I told them my lineage names- Ishino, Kobayashi. They mentioned there's lots of "stone" in those names. Seems fitting, in my family we have a joke "Ishino stubbornness."

We talked about their baby's name, Ren, meaning lotus flower, and also easy for Americans to pronounce.

The end of the session left me ready to travel to Japan, to learn more about my heritage, and missing my grandparents a little bit. In a good way.