Lake Lanier Elopement

As a wedding photographer, I share a lot of images of people in their 20's and 30's who are SO PUMPED to "start" a life together. This past weekend, I photographed an elopement of people who are not. (Don't even try to ask their age. They're awesomely vintage).
It was a creative challenge for me to share their joy, and love, but you know what ? It's the same. Maybe I didn't tell him to "lift her up over your head." But, who cares. Love. Peace. Contentment. Their faces naturally showed all that. Here's to finding your person and being like a fine wine <3


Arabia Mountain icy cold, yet smokin hot Engagement Session

Adventure feeds the soul. If I could exist on passport stamps, local mystery dishes and accents, I tooootally would. I was stoked when Austin, Texas couple Janan + Shane asked me to photograph their intimate Todos Santos wedding this Summer.

Luckily for me, and a bit of serendipitous timing, they were in Atlanta for a long weekend and we were able to head out to Arabia Mountain and brave the freezing cold in the spirit of love. 

They said it reminded them of a spot not too far from Austin, and totally would never have guessed this was only 20 minutes from Atlanta. We hiked, talked about pro soccer teams and tacos, and realized we're both new homeowners. 

I always see Engagement sessions as a way to have a little fun, and go through a bit of a test run. There should be some bad jokes and silly suggestions and lots of belly laughs.

XOXO to finding your adventure partner for life, 
Gianna Keiko