It's Almost Time !

We cannot wait to capture your wedding day ! In order to provide you the absolute best photography services, we need a few deets :)

I want your wedding photos to be flawless. I will be unobtrusive and ready to capture your special moments. I like to set up a pose and then have everyone act natural and interact. Here are a few things to keep in mind for the big day:

Avoid glossy lipstick and consider foundation or powder that will reduce the chance of having a shiny face. Please note mineral makeup causes unflattering effects with flash due to elements that reflect light in them. Glittery and shimmering powder is also a bad choice for the entire bridal party.

In order to allow for a private photo session of bride and groom, we will need at least 35 minutes of your time alone with the photographer. This can be done before or after the ceremony.

It takes time to gather family members for photos. Pre-assign a family member or friend who knows the people to be in the pictures so they can round them up for the photos. And have a list. Getting people where they need to be for the photos is the most time consuming part.

Once I have received this information I will respond with any comments, questions, and suggestions...Thank you!!! 

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Photographer Arrival Time/Photography Start Time *
Photographer Arrival Time/Photography Start Time
Photography packages are consecutive hours only
Important ! Please list every Family Portrait we *must* capture. More *optional* images may be added in the moment if time permits. List as such: -bride + groom + bride sibling -bride + bride sibling -bride + groom + groom sibling -groom + groom sibling (Please be specific as to who each person in the photo will be/don't say "groom's family". First names are GREAT, my assistant will rally)
What is most important to you from your photographer ? *
What is most important to you from your photographer ?
That the photographer is unobtrusive on the day
Family group shots
Natural images (candid etc.)
Fun images
Creative images
Traditional posed images
Post-wedding edit consult following Sneak Peek


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